From modeling to acting, Monica Chinna Kotla is widening her career goals and making the most of her dreams.

How did movies happen to you?
I had always enjoyed watching movies as a child, but when I was in eighth grade, I thought to myself, “What if I become an actor?” I was so intrigued that I told my mother that it didn’t have to be a lead role and that I just wanted to play characters. I just told her I wanted to be an actor. I was so excited to perform, even if it was a minor part. My mother’s friend assisted me with casting, and that is how I got my part in the film “Jeeva”.

What inspired you to pursue a career in acting?
In my first film, I had a lot of fun playing my role as Sri Divya’s sister. It gave me some confidence, and I decided to pursue a career in this field as an outcome. I recall the memories from the movie “Jeeva” where as a character artist, you don’t get much in terms of facilities or anything; you just have to stand on the side of the road and stuff. But what made me want to do something was that none of these things mattered to me because I was enjoying what I was doing. A few things occurred to me, and I decided to give it a shot.

How do you describe your passion for cinema?
I used to love watching movies as a kid, and it eventually took over my soul. Movies are my soul. Over time, my passion for watching movies shifted to me acting in the roles I saw. I never imagined myself as an actress; all I wanted was to appear in a film.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?
“I act well” was the one compliment that kept me motivated because I had no idea about acting when I first started. I had no formal training to be an actress. I managed to learn from movies and projects on which I worked. It is extremely important to me that people recognise my talent and compliment my acting.

Name one romantic thing anyone ever did for you.
I never got any surprises but on my birthday someone lit candles, struck pictures, and made balloon decorations. That was something special to me. I never expected such surprises but they were always special and close to my heart.

What do you admire most about men?
Honesty: I like men who realise that I deserve the truth. Honesty in a man is so attractive and it is the finest human behaviour I can get from the opposite gender.

What qualities will you look for in a man?
Honesty, understanding, trust and communication. I think communication is the key to anything. If you communicate well, that is kind of charming. I just want my man to be a nice person.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.
As of now I am working on four projects as a lead heroine. One project is set to release and it is called “College Road” After that I have “Nanban Oruvan Vantha Piragu”, Next two are with actor Kishen Das and actor Sathish which is directed by director Praveen and Vikas Anandh.


Your recent celebrity crush
The Lucifer series’ Tom Ellis

Dream role or project
I like every character I play and every role is my dream role.

Choose one film director and music director you always wanted to work with.
Maniratnam and AR Rahman.

Fame, money or love?

Your most favourite snack

Your future goals
All my future projects…
they are my goals.

Your life quote
Be positive and open-minded.

One word about fashion