With the IPL season creating a deafening buzz amongst its billions of fans, admirers, observers and critiques it’s no surprise that live screening with friends at a public restaurant is the high-end trend of the time. Whether it was Kohli’s stepping down from captaincy or Dhoni’s expected win, cricket in India has and for ever will remain as a unitedly passionate social obsession. Café Reset – Koramangala in Bengaluru, known for serving a variety of interesting cuisines from different parts of the world is currently live screening all IPL matches and has gone a step ahead by launching a long tray of delicious mocktails representative of each IPL team in exciting flavours that aims to intensify the cricket atmosphere in edible colors. Moreover, you get a free mocktail for a spend of just Rs.1000 at the Café. Reset also has a space for billiards and snookers which altogether makes it the perfect place to chill, have fun and watch the IPL with your friends and family. Here’s a quick glance at the new IPL mocktails –

Chatpata Chandni Chowk:
Bringing the essence of the tantalising waft from the streets of Old Delhi, Chatpata Chandni Chowk imbibes the essence of Delhi Capitals’s ginger moves on the field to the bottom twists of the mocktail in the colour of sky. It is definitely worth a shot.

Namma Bengaluru:
Tribute to one of the most high-spirited teams of the IPL, Royal Challengers Bangalore, this mocktail is delved with sweet – hot spices and black pepper, making one feel fiery and spine chilled.

Thandak Chowpatty:
Mumbai Indians, the team that comes from the land of name, fame and game is flavored as the Thandak Chowpatty mocktail for it is infused with blue curaco and black berry, mixing with the shade of clouds atop the Marine Drive on a typical thunderous day. It is as dramatic in taste as it sounds.

Sadda Punjab:
Known for their quintessential zeal, Kings XI Punjab has always been one of the coolest IPL teams ever. Sadda Punjab is exactly a reflection of its coolness and swag with grenadine and mint deep – drowned in the mocktail. It makes one drool for another glass.

Common Orange –
Hyderabad Sunrisers is a precedent of warmth, generosity and wisdom, all of them a quality of the wise, significant and domineering. Common Orange is made of mango and chilies that very well bring out the nature of the team, infused with citric lemon juice for a tangy twist to the wise tongue.

Drink Thyaar:
Named after the tactful Kolkata Knight Riders, Drink Thyaar is made with strong and mushy blackberries added with tongue tickling limes turning your taste buds satisfied yet tempted.

Chatpata Royals:
Named after Rajasthan Royals, this savoring and mouth watering mocktail is made with a substantial pinch of Rajasthan’s chat masala infused with sour and eye-flicking limes. It is sure to leave you wanting for more.

Where: Café Reset, 501, 6th Cross Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore.
Call: 063600 90000.