Luxury is governed by technology and today’s automobiles are a flag-bearer in terms what all it can do within the canvas of pure luxury. Mercedes-Benz invented the motor car and today it has taken a massive leap forward with its first made in India luxury electric car, the EQS 580. Audi similarly has always pushed the technology envelope with its A8. It just cannot get better than this.


Audi A8L

The A8L is dipped in luxury and technology along with a dynamic personality which enables it to be enjoyable behind the wheel. The A8L is a vast luxury limousine but it takes the route of technology here. The headlights for example are not simple LEDs but are complex Dynamic Matrix LED lights which also feature illuminated Audi logo with selectable animated projections for entry / exit. The rear OLED tail-lamps also have unique tail-light signatures. The massive length is juxtaposed with its chrome laden grille along with a delicate pattern which shows the high quality of craftsmanship here. That said, nothing prepares you for the visual assault on the inside with various touchscreens jostling for space along with air vents which greet you as they unravel. There is a lot of customization on offer while the rear seat can be turned into a private jet with even foot massager! A 3D surround sound audio system further takes the cake in terms of turning your office commute into a concert. To drive, the A8L is peerless comfort while the mild-hybrid V6 petrol goes about its job very well while you do have to careful of bad roads due to its ground clearance although the suspension scans the road ahead and adjusts accordingly! It may be built for lounging at the back but the A8L combines luxury and technology unlike anything else.


Mercedes Benz EQS 580

The shape is intriguing as if a spaceship has landed on our shores with its swoopy lines thanks to an aerodynamic shape. The EQS has a smooth shape and is unlike any other Mercedes-Benz with its EV-specific design cues being draped on it. The large grille is sprinkled with several illuminated stars while the coupe style rear lends it an air of sportiness. The interior on the other hand is jaw-dropping with its design as the whole dashboard is covered in glass with a 56-inch touchscreen that is divided into three displays-including one for the passenger. It is a technology feast with the latest generation infotainment being tailor-made for you thanks to specific profiles with finger print recognition. I could go on but the driving experience is what seals the deal with its vast reservoirs of performance within electric silence. You are whisked away to big speeds with no fuss while a massive 857km range makes you drive with no range anxiety. It is a fast electric car but is more of a comfortable Mercedes-Benz that champions the values that this brand has always shown with its earlier cars. Sure, the ground clearance needs caution on our roads but the car automatically remembers potholes via geo tags and raises itself! How sci-fi is that! Overall, the EQS 580 does indeed show that electric is the future of luxury.