Prepare to witness a groundbreaking revolution in the skincare industry as Asaya, the ultimate skincare brand catering exclusively to melanin-rich skin, is unveiled. Co-founded by Neeraj Biyani, Vikash Singhal, Mandeep Bhatia, and Eeti Sharma, Asaya is set to make waves in the industry for its unique conceptualization and formulation in Florida specifically for India’s diverse melanin-rich skin tones. Starting at a price of Rs. 449, Asaya’s range of products will be available for purchase on the brand’s official website, Amazon, Big Basket, JioMart and Flipkart.

Asaya introduces a range of products under two distinct categories: “Under One Sun” and “Running Deep.” Under One Sun by Asaya represents the sun protection category. The name of this category stems from the idea of all melanin-rich skinned individuals exposed to the same sun, but experiencing different reactions on their skin. The first product launched for Under One Sun is the Matte Sheer Screen, a lightweight, invisible gel-based broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF40 PA+++. Infused with the goodness of Vitamin C and nourishing ceramides, this sunscreen keeps the skin barrier intact. The other category, Running Deep, is a hydration range. The first product here is the Intense Moisture Gel: a PentavitinTM formulation, enriched with Vitamin C and natural rose extracts that both locks in moisture, and prevents further dehydration that melanin-rich skin is prone to. According to experts, melanin-rich skin has increased layers, which make it require intense hydration and vulnerable to hyperpigmentation. Hence, Asaya’s sunscreen and moisturizer are an essential duo to any skincare routine.

Leading the research board of Asaya is Dr. Arundathi Nagaraj, a highly regarded dermatologist and aesthetic physician with over 13 years of experience. Dr. Nagaraj sheds light on the diverse skincare requirements for melanin-rich skin, stating, “Melanin-rich skin like ours is structurally different from other skin tones. For instance, it’s much more sensitive, and care for it needs to be hypoallergenic. So, products meant for Caucasian skin tend to be harsh for us. At Asaya, we have tirelessly worked to ensure our formulae are melanin-first, and our products are designed for Indian skin’s specific needs.”

Recognising the unique composition and needs of melanin-rich skin, Asaya’s experts have dedicated extensive research to craft specialised skincare solutions tailored specifically to Indian skin tones. Research has uncovered that melanin-rich skin is highly susceptible to irritation, sun damage, dryness, dullness, and even post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Through unique formulation and rigorous testing, Asaya has launched cutting-edge skincare solutions that enhance and enunciate the exceptional beauty of melanin-rich skin.

Eeti Sharma, Co-Founder of Asaya, shares her personal journey in building the brand, saying, “Waking up one day with adult acne and being unhelpfully prescribed Eurocentric products made for fair skin showed me the gap in the market for products designed for melanin-rich skin like mine. I knew I had to take action to fill the void myself, for me and countless others like me experiencing these difficulties. Asaya is a thoroughly researched initiative determined to bring forth melanin-first imagination, conversation, and formulation that has sorely been missing in the world of skincare.”

Asaya’s products are made with the finest raw materials sourced from the USA, Europe, and Korea, and are conceptualized and created in Florida and India by expert dermatologists. The brand proudly maintains a vegan and cruelty-free, Phthalate-free, Sulphate-free, PABA-free, made-safe ethos – with the Running Deep Intense Moisture Gel even earning the prestigious and hard-to-obtain Toxic-Free certification from Australia. Designed with ease and convenience in mind, Asaya’s vibrant packaging allows for clean and effortless application, reflecting the brand’s dedication to exceptional user experience.

Neeraj Biyani, Co-Founder of Asaya, a seasoned entrepreneur who had previously co-founded beloved drinks brand Paper Boat, shared, “Consumer brands have always fascinated me. Their ability to resonate with people on a deep emotional level and bring forth positive change is truly captivating. Asaya was inspired by personal encounters, ranging from my wife’s struggle to find products for high-melanin skin to a promising young Indian swimmer being discouraged to continue in fear of tanning. These moments drove me to look closer at beauty standards here in India, and do my bit in celebrating the diversity, innate beauty, and true uniqueness of our Indian skin tones. Building a brand takes time, but I firmly believe in Asaya’s compelling proposition, both in product and emotion. My entrepreneurial journey has given me the confidence to withstand rejection, persevere, and keep pushing forward. With Asaya, we aspire to empower women and men across India to challenge outdated beauty norms and really revel in the skin we’re in.”

The name Asaya is a neologism for “stepping out of the shadows”. The brand embodies the promise to elevate the hitherto neglected needs of melanin-rich skin, marking a significant leap forward in inclusive skincare. With Asaya, melanin-rich skin will never be a footnote again.