Varalaxmi Sarathkumar could have chosen to do only lead roles, but she instead began to select roles that gave her creative satisfaction and something different to do each time. Today, roles are being written keeping her in mind, and films are being promoted pivoting on her presence. Varu – Varalaxmi until a few months ago was busy with Tamil films, but now she has finally found time to act in Telugu films much to the delight of her Andhra – Telangana fans. She is currently enjoying the limelight from acting in a crucial role in Samantha starrer ‘Yashoda’ – one of the much-awaited films in recent times. Known to be matter of fact and frank – she is a delight to converse with

Here are excerpts from an interview:

What makes your character in Samantha’s film ‘Yashoda’ special?
When I first heard the story, I wondered how someone can thing of such amazing stories, and such amazing characters. I even said this to the directors Hari Harish. My character is that of a surrogacy facility head, quite calm on the exterior with grey shades, but as the story progresses the character reveals more layers that get peeled one after the other. I and Samantha evidently have scenes that are quite intense. She is rich and loves the fact and dresses accordingly. She is exactly opposite of what I am in real life (smiles).
I mostly choose roles that challenge me. And, my role in Yashoda is satisfying to the actor in me.
The reason I also loved the role is because it is almost like a second lead. There are parallel stories running and how these stories and people meet make this film interesting.

Yashoda is one of the much-awaited film. Do share a few highlights about the film.
The calmest pair of directors I ever worked with Hari Harish know what they want and extract that from the actors. They have designed the women characters so well that many women will relate to them. Cinematographer Sukumar should get his credit for the amazing work and yet another crucial aspect of the film is music my Mani Sarma garu. Sivalenka Prasad producer has not compromised on the sets and the art direction too has made it what it is. Watching ‘Yashoda’ is value for money.
While I love the depth of my character in addition to Samantha’s role, more than my favourite character – I love the story…which is the hero.

Interestingly the film is on surrogacy, and the discussions on the good and bad side of it are being discussed more in recent times. What is your take?
Surrogacy is being discussed much, especially now for various reasons. I feel there is nothing wrong with surrogacy. In fact, it is a great way to give birth to children for those who are childless. I do not think we can judge any one for choosing surrogacy, not even actors. It is their personal choice if someone wants to adopt surrogacy for children.

As you speak Samantha shared about her medical condition on Twitter. You worked with her for the first time. Can you share your experiences.
Samantha is strong, she is fighter. I have known her for over 12 years now and we have known each other well. She has many serious scenes in the film and just before getting into a shot; I would say something which she would find funny and laugh.
She would always complain about me breaking the mood for the serious shots just before a shot. We had a lot of fun on the sets.
She has a powerful role and she owned it as she performed. She was very good.

Telugu audience are loving you. What do you have to say about that?
After Jayamma’s character in ‘Crack’ audience started liking me, film writers began to write roles for me – that’s the best thing I can ask for. Now I have shifted here, as I have given all my dates to Telugu directors, and now my Tamil directors are complaining. But I agreed to Telugu films first so I have to complete them,

What do you have to say about the kind of roles you are being offered in the films?
It feels great that the roles that are offered to me a different from each other, and I am not being stereotyped. I am also looking forward to Sabari and Balakrishna’s ‘Veerasimha Reddy’. My characters in these films are very interesting