We know our journey to be one of deciding on the things to do, acting in time as we learn and grow whilst achieving our life goals when at it. As we take on the task, we are often distracted by the daily chores that serve up tasks anew and not to forget the social media and news feeds, leaving us less accomplished at the end of the day though we strive through it.

We are surely smarter than we act, if only the resolve we had to get things done for others when instructed by elders, family or superiors was the same as when we act for ourselves, we surely would accomplish a lot more, be stress-free and less disappointed. We need to be more obedient and work on the commands that we give and commit to, as it’s important to realize that on failing, we fall short in our own eyes diminishing our belief in self.

I have been through this struggle, wherein I often found myself not acting on time and often procrastinating over things that were well within my reach to act on for it took an effort and “let’s do it tomorrow” became an excuse most convenient. Before long I knew this to be the reason why most things of relevance stayed unfulfilled.

I had to make a change, and change I did, in a very simple way by putting processes in place that held me accountable. It simply works like magic and I am hopeful you find it insightful, applicable and empowering

LIST IT TO FIX IT: No matter how smart we think we are; we are sure to miss a few things if we have not listed them down. Your TO DO LIST will need to articulate the course of action, based on priority, set deadlines and even, if need be, breaking down of the task to make it possible.

LIST IT RIGHT: The TO DO LIST can be endless, so list it mainly under IMPORTANT and NOT IMPORTANT, with each one split into URGENT and NOT URGENT. So let the focus be on IMPORTANT – UGENT, IMPORTANT – NOT URGENT, NOT IMPORTANT URGENT and finally NOT IMPORTANT – NOT URGENT in that order. One could read and learn more of this from Stephen Covey’s book the “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

TIME MANAGEMENT: The TO DO LIST beyond all is a mirror to the day that you have committed to by choice. It would clearly tie the activity to a time and the purpose, so one clearly understands the importance of it being done.

STAY MOTIVATED: A sense of accomplishment as we strike off each task fulfilled, brings about a sense of confidence and belief in the tasks being worked on. Don’t forget to celebrate and acknowledge completion of each task, and winning ways will become the norm in time.

THE NEW LIST: Remember to re-evaluate and move the incomplete tasks forward to the next day.

To be able, to be accountable, to be the initiator is the key towards personal growth, for every destination reached is empowering as is predetermined, giving one the confidence to stand tall knowing that he can. It does not have to be the impossible; even a possible task done as committed should suffice for the Nero system to register a win and a few hundreds of them will establish the process you so desire.

Signing of with a quote by Stephen Covey: “Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.” Act on this to realize your true worth.