Women’s Day it is and this universe wishes you well, for when you are well all else will be.

Finding oneself in an ever-changing world, exaggerated on social media to be larger than life – that is unreal but that in which we try to fit. You and I strive to stay relevant amongst our family and friends, and the effort to achieve these goals is surely understandable, but not when one goes into overdrive, with a need to control people and the conversation that surrounds.

I wish to shed some light on a habit, which when understood has the potential to transform the person you meet in the mirror. The former a mindful exercise that’s well within our control and fosters self-improvement; on the contrary the latter is a cause of great grief, frustration and disappointment.

Interestingly since I’ve started practicing the “Let Them Theory” from the Mel Robbins podcast, it’s been groundbreaking and so refreshing and I love it; I believe you would love it too.

So next time you feel left out…

Your friends all go out for brunch, without calling you. LET THEM
Maybe your boss excludes you from a strategy meeting. LET THEM
Maybe your spouse isn’t supportive of your choice of profession. LET THEM
Maybe the person you’re dating does not want to commit. LET THEM
Maybe your company is laying off people due to recession. LET THEM
Maybe your best friend does not wish to be a part of your holiday plans. LET THEM
We spend so much time and energy trying to control other people and getting emotionally worked up about things that are beyond our control; but you can tap into peace and true control if you let them be themselves. If you LET THEM, people will then reveal who they truly are and when they reveal who they truly are to you, you now know what you can choose next that’s right for you, so LET THEM.

Let everything that you wish to control be about you; if it’s about the other LET THEM BE, for the need to control will find resistance and resentment to the point of failure, leaving you frustrated. So, make peace with the process and let people be who they are and do what they like; not everything about the other has to fit your script to be valuable. Hence, allow yourself to choose better, as the alternative comes with the same effort. Be reminded that it’s not about you but the reciprocal experience that you will receive when others fit in by choice… The aftertaste is priceless!

Ending with an inspiring quote.
“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – Barack Obama

Ajith Anirudhan
Personal Transformation Coach (ICF – USA) TEDx Speaker |Author