Be it wellness, riches, love, fame, recognition, desire… Not one of us is short of aspirations and dreams, but often fall short of them. Having them will surely fulfill our life’s experience, but then again how badly do we need them is questionable, and so is how one will go about it and if one is willing to act on it.

We often find ourselves inspired when we see, feel or sense and know it to be a good fit in our lives. I for example have made resolutions to transform my body one too many times, and unlike most I know of, it’s never been a new year resolution but instead inspired by the transformations I’ve seen amongst friends. Getting started I sure did but in the persistence I failed, until the next inspiration came along, disappointed in the non-continuity and lack of discipline, but hopeful that the purpose was still inspiring. Looking back at it I often wonder if “Life came in my way” or “I came in the way of the life I could have had”.

It’s in the realization that I could do better, amplified by a near-death experience, that I committed to a personal transformation; one that involved becoming the person who could achieve the transformation. It became more about the WHO I should become and HOW they did what they did, breaking down each goal into simple, achievable portions; leading to self-belief as I transitioned towards better fitness levels. We often set ourselves up for failure by focusing on the end result (goal), like losing 15kg in 3months, and not focusing on the processes that make possible this personal transformation through discipline; like getting to the gym at 7am for five days a week; following a diet that complements your fitness goals; ensuring we get the sleep that we require for muscle recovery, etc.
No matter what you decide, you’re getting nowhere unless you act upon it, so JUST SHOW UP and you will surely see the universe coming forth to help you along. It’s not going to be easy but surely will be worth it, as discipline is a daily commitment that one painfully commits to not for immediate gratification but for long-lasting transformations. SO HOWEVER INCONVIENCING IT MIGHT SEEM, JUST SHOW UP, allow the brain to register each win, and allow with every win for the process to get engraved and to last.

“Just show up” is a great way to experience and realize your true potential, be it aspirations in your studies, relationships, professional and work life or as narrated above your fitness goals… Everything starts with that first step. When in doubt and not too sure of yourself, do announce your intent to a confidant who will hold you accountable for your actions, or simply work with your Life Coach who can partner with you on this journey.
I bring to your notice some life-changing activities being broken down by a motivational speaker so that it was impossible to me not to sit upright and take note:

• Exercising for 60 min which is just 4% of your day
• Writing for 45 min which is just 3% of your day
• Reading for 30 min which is just 2% of your day
• Meditating for 15 min which is just 1% of your day
Here are a few pointers from where one could consider scaling up one’s game; when you do put in that one good day REPEAT it one more time.

So JUST SHOW UP and stay honest to self and stay accountable, for showing up will present you with an opportunity to build anew, correct what’s not working, and commit to actions that will get you to your true potential and worth.

A profound understanding from quote “You can’t change anything if you don’t show up” IS “You can change anything if you do show up”.

You got this; stay inspired, be inspiring…

Ajith Anirudhan
Life Empowerment Coach
Keynote Speaker
ACC™ | CCA – International Coaching Federation (USA)