Here’s a sneak peek from this exclusive tête-à-tête

1. What’s the reason behind the title of the movie Hey Sinamika?
DQ- Yes, after I committed to the movie the title ‘Hey Sinamika’ got fixed. When Brinda master and Madhan Karky narrated the story I liked it a lot and even Aditi was on board, but before the shoot started Madhan Karky sir suggested the title ‘Hey Sinamika’ and he gave a beautiful meaning for choosing this title ‘Sinam’ (anger) in Tamil, the anger of two girls and we all thought that this would be the correct title for the movie.

2. How do you feel working with a strong woman like Brinda master?
Aditi: It was so much fun working with Brinda Master. As actors we always work hard. We are blessed as it’s the kind of work that doesn’t feel like work and with Brinda Master it’s so much fun on the sets. It feels like coming to a playground every day. We have worked together earlier also. She’s a master choreographer. She had a lot of control over time, efficiency and space to each department to create. She had a vision, but she gave all of us space to explore and find it. We had a great team work. I feel lucky that we were Master’s first choice for her first film.

DQ: She wants everyone to work hard but the work should be fun. She doesn’t like wasting any time in any of the departments. It should be fun but at the same time work should be done on time.

3. Chennaites love both Aditi and Dulquer but you both are not spotted often in Chennai. What you would like to tell your Tamil fans and can we get to see more of you both here?
DQ: Coming to Chennai is like coming home. My wife is here and my daughter is going to start school here now. I don’t come here and start posting that I’m in Chennai, so I guess not many people come to know. But I do come to Chennai often.

Aditi: Next time I come here maybe I should start posting and tag location. I come here often too, but I don’t post all the time. I do roam around without makeup and in my normal everyday clothes, but then people would wonder Is that Aditi? Why is she roaming around like this? So, I always say, maybe I look like her. I’m not Aditi.

4. How did you prepare for your role in this film?
Aditi: It’s tough to explain but the script is written in the way that the characters get a lot of opportunity to explore within the space. Master gave us that freedom. Madhan Sir also gave us that freedom.

DQ: The script is defined very well and through the scenes shooting we kept finding and exploring more and more. We were also discovering ideas and bouncing off ideas with each other. It was wonderful to discover it during the shoot. All of us collaborated it as a team and we would all discuss it including the photographer, cinematographer, DOP, artists, director, ADs. You should ask Preetha ma’m also about it. She also gave in her inputs.

5. Love is complicated these days; does the movie talk about couple fights and compatibility issues?
Aditi: There’s a lot of comfort and trust. We gave each other space and wanted each other to do well. It was very organic and effortless. One shouldn’t have any ego in their marriage.

DQ: Infact we felt at times we were like friends or siblings sometimes. We needed to look like husband wife. Marriages are never easy. If you both want the same things like security, companionship and a future together then you will work for it. One should not keep their egos for more than one night. We have our good days and bad days so I know how it goes.

6. What kind of a husband are you like in real life?
DQ: It’s important to just be happy people. It’s easy to get touchy and serious. Don’t keep in your head. Leave the small things and don’t focus on the negative. It’s important to lift your partner instead of finding faults constantly. Instead of adding weight make the relationship light and keep moving together. Where I am in life, I’ve been married for so long. Initially it’s only about getting together and getting married, but over the years it’s about living together as a couple. I love the conversations in the film.

7. How does Kajal Aggarwal’s role add the necessary weightage and twist in the movie?
Kajal’s character stands out in the film as a bold and strong woman; in terms of character, not just in terms of styling.

8. Is Hey Sinamika inspired by real-life incidents that are common these days or pure fiction?
DQ: I don’t know really. Maybe it’s happened to someone, but I’m not sure. Master would know if it’s a real life story. I don’t think the main focus of the film is from a real life story. The situation maybe real. The conflicts are real and I like the simplicity in the characters. What happens between the people is very real and I’ve not seen that before. There’s so much that one discovers about these characters. I find that more challenging than something that’s been in the news.

9. Dulquer, what was your family’s reaction when you wanted to enter the film industry?
DQ: My dad was stressed. He was like really do you want to act. It was a little late in life when I decided on it. He was worried about exposing his son to public who can write anything about me. Amma was more supportive.

10. Why did AR Rahman say HeyyyyySinamika? –
DQ- We have a lot of mysteries like this in the movie so to know the answer you have to watch the movie.

11. Aditi you have played every role in every language with so much precision that your fans can relate to your character. What’s your secret?
Aditi: That’s not fair. I can’t answer this question but I can say that I don’t know Tamil well. Telugu is my mother tongue, but both Tamil and Telugu audience have given me a lot of love. Movie industry in both the languages have given me so much love. I did a Malayalam film recently and each of these industries have given me good films and the audience have been very encouraging. It’s the blessing of the people and the directors that I’m here. Thanks to each of them as they have been very special.

12. What are your personal views on love, marriage and divorce in today’s times?
DQ: When we started this movie we didn’t really discuss. Everyone wants to fall in love but one shouldn’t be in a toxic relationship. If that’s the case with your marriage please take a divorce. If it’s toxic I don’t think it’s wrong to get out of the relationship as it will affect everyone – kids and parents. You shouldn’t be stuck due to your parents or society. You should be married because you want to be married and not because of anything else.

Aditi: This is becoming a little bit of a heavy discussion for me.

13. Five reasons why your fans should go watch Hey Sinamika in the theatres?
DQ: Brinda Master, Aditi Rao, Kajal Aggarwal, Govind Vasantha, Me, Preetha Jayaram and so many people. You will love the film for sure. I had fun shooting for the film. I’m always listening to RJs in Tamil and I feel they have a special talent with their voice and the speed at which they speak in. I have a lot of respect for their work.

14. Who are the women in your life who have inspired you? What would your Women’s Day wishes be for the women out there?
Aditi: My mother has been my inspiration. Also thanks to everyone who has been like my mother figure and have put me first and are strong women and live by example. We are because women are. To every woman out there, believe in yourself and uplift other women. Be stronger and wiser and always lead the way.

DQ: My mother, my wife, my sister I’ve always been surrounded by strong women.One is heart and one is heartbeat.I wish all the women out there all the love and all the health. There’s nothing you can’t do. Thank you for giving birth to us and thank you for existing.

– By Namita Gupta and Vinitha Venkatesha