Aditi Gautam is back with a bang. The star who was noticed for her role in Rajkumar Hirani’s biopic of the controversial life of actor Sanjay Dutt, Sanju, recently made a comeback with the Telugu film Paaka Commercial. She’s looking ravishing after losing 16kgs and is all set to act in some meaningful roles. After a debut in Ravi Teja’s film Neninthe, she was seen in a few movies like 7 Prema Kathalu and others. Her calendar is now getting filled with offers from Web Series, OTT platforms, song appearances and reality shows.

1. When and how did you realise that this is what you want to do?
I always loved dancing and emoting as a child. I had that in me as a child as I loved performing and that got me into the whole line of acting.

2. What are the hurdles you had to face to reach where you are today?
It’s an uncertain profession, so it’s not really been easy for anyone. Everything relies on one Friday for all of us. We have our ups and downs. You’re not supposed to give up and have the right and the positive attitude towards life and always be consistent. You know never know tomorrow you might get the role you’ve always been dreaming about.

3. Please share some of the highpoints of your journey so far?
My debut film Neninthe changed my entire life. For the first time I realised how it is to be famous and loved the taste of success. The second was when I got my Bollywood break with Sanju. It was a beautiful welcome to the industry and a different high. The third was when I got to act in Pakka Commercial and it’s been a great success. I’m overwhelmed with the kind of response I’m getting for my acting. I don’t compare myself with others. I am very strong in my journey and like to do my work with full dedication.

4. It’s not easy the way we women juggle around so many things- our work, homes, families, social life, fitness etc. What’s your view on this? Would you like to share something more about your personal life?
We women are born with multi-tasking skills and that comes naturally to us. Not many men out there can multi task the way women do. But if one is not able to, one shouldn’t be too self-critical about it. One may miss out on a few things while focusing on others, and I would say you shouldn’t get too harsh on yourself. It happens sometimes. You have to balance yes, but never put yourself down. I’m quite an open book if you follow me on social media and YouTube channels. I love to read self-help books, meditate and do yoga.

5. What is your fitness and wellness mantra?
I recently lost 16 kgs – from 74kg to 58kg. I eat right and try and eat small meals every two hours. It’s ok to eat cheat meals once in a while, but overall be disciplined and take care of your health. Drink lot of water and follow the age old mantra of early to bed and early to rise. If you keep this as your lifestyle mantra, there’s nothing better that you can do for yourself.

6. What is your fashion quotient?
I like comfortable clothing. I love crop tops as it makes my waistline look good and also a lot of dresses, but comfort comes first to me, any day.

7. What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty is always internal. It’s the way you think and your mindset towards life. Beauty is also how you evolve with time.

8. What is your take on women standing up for each other, especially in the glamour and entertainment industry?
There was a lot of jealousy in earlier days, but in today’s times, women are standing up for each other. Even for our movie promotions, everyone comes out and supports their peer group and it’s nice that this change is happening. It’s a lot better now as we are all up with each other and supporting each other.

9. How have things changed in the industry these days?
There are a lot of avenues these days – web series, ads, social media, music videos, theatricals, commercial movies and so much more. Be a good actor, don’t just concentrate on your physical looks and find the right casting director.

10. Who are your close friends in the glam industry?
Most of my friends are from my college, but yes Krish, Manjari Fadnis who works in Telugu movies.

11. Indian women are known internationally for their dusky skin but there’s still a section that believes in white skin being beautiful. Although you’re not dusky we would like to know your views on dusky skin?
Dusky skin is the most beautiful and infact I’m jealous of those with dusky skin. People with dusky skin don’t age fast and don’t get wrinkles early. When it comes to fairer skin there’s also the problem of pigmentation. People should start finding dusky skin beautiful. In metros I doubt that discrimination is there now, but in smaller towns if people are still doing it then they have to stop and start telling children from an early age itself that dusky is beautiful.

12. Which are some of your most favourite holiday destinations?
I love Switzerland and the US too. I recently went to Miami for a holiday. I also love Dubai and travel there a lot.

13. Did you master any passions or hobbies in the lockdown period last year?
I mastered the art of cooking as there were no maids or cooks. I also have this passion of colour therapy books and also reading whenever I get time.

14. Please share your experience during the shoot of your Telugu film Pakka Commercial? What is in the pipeline in terms of your work currently?
The film was actually a fun commercial film and I loved going on the sets. It was an out and out comedy and every moment on and off camera was super fun. The entire crew had such a blast shooting for it.

I’m going through a lot of projects and very close to signing up a few good projects. I’ve also got a few requests for a few special song appearances that I’m considering. There are many offers from OTT reality shows too and one of them is a big one, which I’ll be signing soon.

15. Are there any more South Indian movie offers coming already?
I’ve been taking script narrations and so excited to be signing something big very soon.