With a bag full of films like Chal Mohan Ranga, Petta, Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven, Boomerang, Satellite Shankar, Enai Noki Paayum Thota, Oru Pakka Kathai, Kutty Story, Radhe, Raja Raja Chora, Dear Megha, Manu Charitra, Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir, Gurthunda Seethakalam, October 31st Ladies Night and more to boast about, Megha Akash seems to have everything going right for her currently at this stage in her life. The Chennai based star who has acted in Telugu and Tamil films is fluent in all the south Indian languages and feels that happiness comes over fame, money and everything else. Know more about this stunning star in this freewheeling conversation.

1. Tell us about your growing up days. Where did you study? Your time spent later at college. What was your dream career in your childhood days?
I was born and brought up in Chennai and studied at Lady Andal School and then did my graduation in Visual Communication from Women’s Christian College in Chennai. Growing up days were carefree and fun and I loved my school days. I still have the best set of friends from school, specially from grades 11th and 12th. From my childhood, I nourished dreams of being an actor and later during my growing up days I wanted to join advertising and become a copywriter. But being an actor was my first dream job and I’m glad I chose this profession.

2. When and how did the journey towards being an actor happen?
When I was in college I used to model for pocket money, so I didn’t have to ask my parents everytime I went out or wanted something. I felt independent so I didn’t have to depend on my parents for money. While I was modelling, I was already getting film offers, but I didn’t take up anything at that point of time, as I wasn’t sure if this is what I really wanted to do. One day when my friend Keerthana called and told me Balaji was looking for someone to cast in Oru Pakka Kathai, for some reason, I just wanted to do it. I don’t know what was special about it, but I just wanted to give it a shot. I wanted to enjoy the process of being in front of the camera and get the whole experience of making this one film. I told myself if I’m not enjoying it, I won’t do it. I did like it, that’s why I’m still here doing it.

3. What are your other passions and hobbies? If not an actor what else would you have considered being?
I have a lot of hobbies. Anything that involves creativity I like doing. I love art and craft, basically making and creating things. I have made many scrap books of memories. I love reading too. If not an actor, I would have been a copywriter. I did intern at an ad agency and I loved working there. So definitely, if not an actor, I would be working in an advertising agency as a copywriter. I also love styling clothes and anything that involves using my mind and putting in my personal creative sensibilities.

4. How challenging was it to carve out a niche for yourself?
When I entered the field of acting, I myself didn’t know where and what I should be doing exactly. I was too young and everything happened so soon. Oru Pakka Kathai and Enai Noki Paayum Thota happened and were both big films with a big star and a big director. The first few years were a little confusing for me as I was experiencing new changes as a newcomer in the industry. But with time, I was lucky to work with big directors and co actors. Overtime, I’ve realised that I want to do scripts that are different and make me think. There’s no specific genre as I wouldn’t mind trying all the genres, but I should like the script. That is the reason I’m trying to be selective in my work now and I’m glad I’ve realised that being selective is important.

5. How have last four years in the industry panned out for you? How did you come to where you are today and what were the challenges initially? How did you overcome them?
The last four years in the industry have been very good as I’ve been lucky enough to have been continuously working throughout. I’ve kept signing up for films and in the beginning itself I got to work with some big banners. Although one of them didn’t release at that time, despite the work we put in, but I was fortunate that I got many offers and continued to work with some great people – directors and actors. I’ve done a lot of films and I feel truly blessed. Every job has challenges and how you overcome them depends on each individual. For me my backbone has been my family. Most of the days I’m fine and working and busy, but like everyone else, there are times when one is feeling low and thinking things one shouldn’t be thinking. At that point, you need to talk to someone. You know the answers yourself, but you just need someone to reaffirm that everything will be ok. I’m thankful to my friends and family who I’ve reached out to in such situations.

6. What have been some of the biggest highpoints of your journey so far?
Working with Rajinikanth sir in Petta was a dream. I had never dreamt that I would be sharing screen space with him so early in my career. I have always been his huge fan and working with him was a dream come true. He even told Simran that he found me very cute. He’s such a genuine human being and makes everyone comfortable on the sets. There are great actors, but he’s not just a great actor, but a great human being. To act as Simran’s daughter was a wonderful experience too and so was working with Karthik sir who was very calm and composed throughout and very clear in what he wanted from all of us. Also, when Enai Noki Paayum Thota finally released, I was so relieved as it took so long to come out. Again, my first film Oru Pakka Kathai will always be close to my heart as it was my first film. My recent Telugu film Raja Raja Chora is doing extremely well and we have received very good reviews. It felt really good to get that huge blockbuster film and I hope this streak continues now.

7. What does family mean to you? What do you and your family do and how do you all spend time these days when you’re isolated at home and you’re not at shoot?
My family is everything to me. I’m very close to my mom and dad of course, but also very close to my mother’s parents, her sisters and all my cousins. This show called Modern Family… we’re almost like that. We love, eat, play, fight and do everything together. They are like my backbone. Being at home, during isolation was difficult as we couldn’t meet each other, but we were in touch on video calls, Skype and also playing online games.

8. Were there any kind of apprehensions entering the field of cinema at a young age?
I didn’t have any apprehensions as my mum is an ad film director and she has worked with most of the directors. So, I kind of knew most of them even before I entered the industry. All the cinematographers have seen me from when I was very young. That thought about any kind of fear really didn’t occur to me ever, as I knew I had people to back me up if ever I needed them.

9. What is your vision and dream in this field that you’re in now?
What I have right now is perfect. I get great offers every day and I’m extremely fortunate to be getting a lot of work coming my way in multiple languages. What else would an actor want? There are so many talented and beautiful people out there, so every time a good opportunity comes, I feel grateful and blessed and want to give it my all.

10. How different do you feel you are from the others around?
Everyone is different in their own ways. We are all our own person, but the most different thing about me is that I’m not good with my socialising skills like most others. That’s why I don’t have any industry friends, as I’m not good with making new friends. I still hang out with my school and college friends whenever I get time. That’s one thing I would like to change about myself. Also, I want to be more realistic. I’m not the kinds who can go on fad diets and starve myself. I want to continue to be a normal person and someone one can relate to. Someone like your girl next door. I’m happy being that.

11. Who are your close friends in the industry?
Goutham sir and Kalidas would be one of the people who I’m friendly and close to.

12. How do you manage to get a work life balance?
For now, it’s just work, my home and family. Spending time with my family matters to me the most. I consciously try and do one film at a time so I can do justice to it and also give time to my family and myself, which is very important to me.

13. How often do you take holidays? Any experiences from any of your travels, you’d like to share?
If I had a choice I would be on a holiday all the time. Most of the time holidays are with family as they’re very chill. They’re like my friends. I love water activities and beach places. I love exploring new places and hope the world opens up soon. I recently went to Maldives and got to swim with manta rays and whale sharks. Initially, I was a little scared, but when I did it, it was a whole new experience that I’ll never forget. I love adventure activities on holidays, but I also like to just relax for a few days, so it’s always a nice mix of both.

14. What is your dream man like?
I feel one just falls in love. There’s no particular characteristics that I have for my dream man. But it’s important that the person should be kind and nice to me and hold a conversation. I want someone who is intelligent and can speak well. It doesn’t really matter if he’s from the industry or not. He should be a good man. His character should be good, of course.

15. Are you a romantic at heart in real life? What is the most romantic thing anyone has done for you?
I definitely believe in romance. I believe in love. Someone had once written a poem for me which I felt was very romantic.

16. Any crazy fan message or incident you’d like to share?
I have the sweetest fans as they’re all so wonderful. Anyone I follow they go and ask that person to message me. It takes time for them to check who I follow and then go and interact with them. So, I think that’s really sweet of them to do that.

17. Any memorable incidents you’d like to share with us during the shoot of any of your recent films?
Shootings are such a blur, as everything happens so quick. The most recent for one of my Telugu films, I had to do a kuthu dance in the rain. It was memorable, as I didn’t have much time to practice and it was super fun as we all really enjoyed ourselves dancing in the rain.

18. What is your fitness routine like?
Before covid I had a set routine with yoga, aerobics, pilates and gym. I’m not the kind of person who can follow a diet. I eat good home food like sambhar, rice and veggies. I’m not the person who can eat boiled chicken and egg whites, so I try and balance it out with my workouts. Now, I’m getting back to my routine slowly and am doing my cardio too. I also play badminton and go to the gym everyday for atleast 45 minutes.

19. What’s your style mantra?
I feel comfort is most important for me. I always look at comfort and wear whatever suits my body type. I like tees, jeans, tracks and shoes.

20. Which language and which genre of acting are you most comfortable with?
I know Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English very well, so languages have never been a problem.

21. What are the projects you’re working on currently? Please share all the details about your current projects and also upcoming ones?
I have quite a few releases in Telugu currently. I have just done Gurthunda Seethakalam and then Manu Charitra is completed and is just about to release. I’m doing another Telugu film that has not been announced yet. In Tamil, I’m doing a film with Vijay Sethupathi called Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir. I’ve just signed up and started acting in another Tamil film that I cannot talk about right now. I’m so excited about these new and promising movies that I’m working on currently.

22. Have you noticed a change in roles being written and offered to women these days?
I have noticed a change in the roles. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m more open now to different scripts or it’s because things around me are changing. I’m so happy that better roles are being offered to women. It’s high time we bring about the change for the better, especially for women actors.

23. A film that you watched recently that moved you?
#Home in Malayalam is a film that I recently watched and it’s my all-time favourite now.

24. A cause that you hold close to your heart?
Helping underprivileged people and also old people is a cause that I care about.

25. What are your future plans for yourself personally and for your career as well?
I’ve learnt that the world doesn’t always go according to your plan. So, I just take everything as it comes. I don’t sit and plan anymore. I just want to do things that make me happy. I will be acting in films only till the time that I’m happy and get complete satisfaction. I’ve been blessed enough so far to follow my heart and stay content with what God gives me.


1. Your dream role?
I would love to do a negative character.

2. Your favourite movie? Favourite actor and actress?
Jojo Rabbit and #Home. Rajini sir and Shah Rukh Khan. Trisha.

3. Your pet peeve?
I don’t like people who are rude to people are serving us like waiters at restaurants.

4. Some essentials that are always in your bag?
I always carry emergency medication in my bag and sun screen, lip balms, kajal and lipstick.

5. Yoga or gym?

6. Indian food or global cuisine?
All kinds of food. I love good food.

7. What does social media mean to you?
It’s great to be on social media as you can be in touch with so many millions of people. I’m a private person so social media helps in connecting otherwise.

8. Beaches or hills?

9. Veg or non veg?
I love both.

10. Fame or money?