As each year comes to an end, one is often driven towards scripting a new year’s resolution, creating the need to find inspiration and purpose within to arrive at a plan to propel ourselves to new heights, to sustain and stay relevant to self and in society as a whole. Whilst we clearly know the importance of it and ritually play it out every year; be it health, relationships, finances or personal goals, we often miss out on taking account of the resolutions and taking personal “responsibility” for the ones at which we failed, whilst “acknowledging” the wins however small they may seem.

It’s in the “accountability” that we find growth through clarity; it’s accountability that we recognize why we do what we do; it’s in this that we recognize our short comings and strengths; it’s in it that we find our purpose; it’s in it that we recognize the need to find the strength to pursue a goal and beyond all the need to let go and QUIT for it no more serves us well.

Each one has an experience that’s unique and not a single one that matches with another; we often add on from what we see fit in others instead of having one that’s tailor-made to meet our own needs; this seldom suffices or meets the purpose. Maybe it’s time to quit on a few to create the space to focus on what matters and which stays relevant to one’s personal growth. Just like one would clean their homes to find a hundred things they can do without, for you have not seen them in years let alone recollect using them, it’s simply the right way to retain with what serves you and let go of the rest.
It’s no easy task to bring about a change unless it’s a mindful commitment, decisive and a persistent one with an acceptance that it is going to be a work in progress. The need to better my life I QUIT on a few by choice as you would find listed here below, that I should say was long overdue.

I QUIT on Expectations: A belief that I would get something in return, in a certain way and at a certain time, often led me to be disappointed. My giving today expects in return nothing or maybe the bare minimum unlike earlier; putting me in a place of joy as I now embrace life and the people in it for what they are.

I QUIT on some Relationships: Be it family, friends or colleagues, the quality of these relationships makes us who we are. Letting go of the need for it to be a certain way has helped me invest in relationships that nourish and feed my wellbeing, and let go of a few that were holding me back, for some are simply not meant to be.

I QUIT on being Rigid: Quoting Wilbur Smith, “The branch breaks that will not bend with the wind” to best fathom life’s reality. Embracing the reality of not knowing it all has empowered me to become more accommodating, to mend and amend as the needs change during progression.

I QUIT on being a Yes Man: Our culture instilled in us the need to accommodate the needs of the family, and as we grew older along came friends and colleagues too, a practice that is not sustainable and comes at a cost. It is overbearing and demanding as it inconveniences your well-being and eats into your personal time and space. I’ve quit being a yes man; I’ve learnt to say no; I’ve learnt to not give explanations, and most of all I’ve set myself free for I no longer am a pleaser and I cannot tell you how empowered I feel.

I encourage you to connect with a list that fits you best, do whatever it takes to put yourself first. Signing off leaving you with one of my favorite quotes: “Nothing gets done or undone unless you do”
Choose wisely, choose you.

Wishing for the present you to become envious of who you are becoming, “HAPPY NEW YEAR”!

Ajith Anirudhan
Life Empowerment Coach | Public Speaker

ACC™ | CCA – International Coaching Federation (USA)