Good health is essential. The Aura Wellness Centre is a place where you can begin your holistic journey with many of their various sought-after services. Even if one is affected by chronic diseases, there’s hope at Aura Wellness to look at the positive side of life. Aura conducts many brain activities like games, interaction and counselling to make them feel good and give what they really need. The main motto of Aura wellness centre is to forget about the diseases and still live your life to the fullest. Let’s know more about Aura Wellness Centre from the founder Sruthi Sridhar herself…

What is Aura wellness all about?
We focus to provide preventive health and holistic help to overcome the health challenges and to improve the quality of life. It’s an integrated centre where we provide services like women’s wellness, rehabilitation physio, lifestyle management, nutrition, counselling, restorative yoga, fitness and reflexology. Our programs are specially tailor made and our therapists are experts in reducing the pain and stress for the patient. All our therapies will improve the energy levels for a productive and happy future.

At Aura Wellness we do not use medicines. When a patient first comes in, we examine using a biometric machine and according to that, we give what they need. We don’t believe in medicines. We believe that you should eat naturally grown, fresh and hygienic food. Over long term, after a certain age, medicines are definitely going to have side effects, so I believe that before any diseases even come, we work on preventing them.

What is unique about Aura wellness?
When you go to a hospital they see only the diseases and give medicines, but here we give importance to the patient’s overall personal care. We make sure they eat their food properly and give them the right diet. We talk to them and give importance to each and every individual who comes in.

What is the story behind the name ‘Aura’?
Aura means positivity and I have always liked the word Aura. When one comes to Aura, one can instantly feel the positivity and witness improvement in overall health. I have feedback from many patients on how Aura has really changed their life. They feel that our place is very comfortable and mind is at peace here.

Who was your inspiration to start Aura wellness?
When I was in the 11th grade in school, I had this idea in my mind. But at that age, I was not aware of wellness centres. I had always wanted to make a cute place for elderly people to have game centres, swimming pool, library etc, which is so common aboard and not to make them sit idle. I wanted to make elderly people feel that even though they are old and dependent on others, they can do what they want. This was my big dream and I wanted to pursue it and took all the effort and started it.

Who is your motivation in your field?
To be honest, I started Aura Wellness Centre with my mother’s support. Nobody really understood my concept before. There were so many people who discouraged me when I opened the centre, but I went wherever I could to promote my idea. During these Covid days, more than going to the hospital, we can say proudly that we have made a lot of difference in people’s lives.

What are the future plans for Aura Wellness?
We want to expand Aura Wellness Centre all over the country and want to tie up with corporates, government schools, college students and teachers. We are planning to start an Aura kitchen to cook only organic and natural food for our patients.

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– By Vinitha Venkatesha