The Timeless Beauty of Handwoven Kanjeevaram Sarees and South Indian Culture

Indulge in the opulence of handwoven silk sarees as Loukya, a bespoke Kanjeevaram brand, launches its flagship store in the city. Saree enthusiasts now have a destination where they can immerse themselves in an exquisite collection of meticulously crafted silk sarees. The store, spanning an area of 900 sq.ft on Palace Road, is set to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of South India through its timeless pieces.

Loukya was born with the vision of traversing the depths of South Indian heritage and cultural diversity, passed down through generations. As a bespoke brand, Loukya aims to narrate this tale through its handwoven Kanjeevaram sarees, woven with pure golden Zari, crafted by master craftsmen and women from across Kanchipuram.

“In our quest to discover pure Kanjeevaram sarees, we realized that while they are available in the market, there is a gap in finding truly authentic pieces that have stood the test of time,” explain Jayashree Nanaiah and Rajashree Karthik Gowda, the founders of Loukya. “During our interactions with master weavers, they were captivated by the expressiveness and heritage of Kanjeevaram sarees, feeling that the true essence of the art had not been fully explored. Thus, we embarked on a journey to design and produce the LOUKYA Kanchi sarees, one story, and one weave at a time.

Loukya caters to individuals who seek meaning in art, drawing inspiration from the figures adorning temple walls, which have withstood the test of time and the elements of nature. The sarees are meticulously handwoven using the ancient Adai technique, which dates back thousands of years and has become a dying art with the advent of Jacquard looms. With its intricate designs, patterns full of character, and lightweight feel, the Adai technique lends Loukya sarees a distinct and timeless appeal.

The exquisite range of sarees includes Bridal Kanjeevaram, Banaras silk, Printed Silks and bespoke occasional wear.

The aesthetics of the store with antique pillars along with Bidri wallplates, Mysore paintings, Thanjavur dolls and many more are a representation of the cultural heritage of South India. The sister duo behind Loukya intends to support artisans in carrying forward the rich legacy of craftsmanship. Loukya has an unwavering commitment to perfection, taking you on a creative journey where a designer’s dream transforms into a reality for silk saree lovers.

Bengaluru-based brand Loukya was launched in 2022 by sister duo Jayashree Nanaiah and Rajashree Karthik Gowda. Growing up in the lush and opulent hills of the Western ghats of Kodagu they strongly believed in nurturing the rich cultural heritage of South India through their collection of handwoven silk sarees. The brand name was inspired by Goddess Lakshmi aka Kamakshi. The Kamakshi Amman Temple represents an important gem from the past and is set amid Kanchipuram which resonated perfectly well with their vision for the brand.