Share a few words about yourself? How did” Studio A by Amar Ramesh” happen?
I’m a photographer from Chennai. It has already been 10 years but it still feels like yesterday that Studio A was born. When I started photography in 2010, it was purely for the love of capturing Indian weddings. And when you put all your heart into what you are passionate about, everything else follows. That is how this team of super-passionate 35 people happened. We are on a mission to make this world interesting and impactful through our pictures and videos.

Is photography your passion? If yes, when did you decide to take it up professionally?
One can have many passions. Photography was something I found at a point in life and I stuck with it. I was working in the States back then when I was sitting in my cubicle and had this thought bubble when I wanted to quit everything and take up photography. And there was no turning back. Photography to me was a window of happiness. Whatever was going on in my life or in my mind, all of them would disappear when I look at the world through the viewfinder. That’s how it got into me. Today I am passionate about portraits, arts, culture, and heritage, and am working passionately in each of these areas.

What goes on in your mind before clicking a moment?
It is a mix of instinct and insight. One moment I’d be pre-visualising what my mind sees. Another moment I’d be feeling what my heart says. And then, click!

Who was your inspiration to start Studio A by Amar Ramesh?
Many inspiring people made me a better person and a professional. It was that feeling I had to be able to empower people to pursue their dreams – which made me excited about building a team. Initially, it was only my camera and me, but over time we became a family of 35 people. This team is my biggest strength and inspiration to do more.

Who is your motivation in your field?
I don’t wait to be motivated. When things need to get done, I get out there and just do it. A lot of times we wait for the right time to do the right thing. But I believe you always improvise on the go. Imagine if a farmer told you that he/she isn’t motivated that morning and doesn’t want to work in the field. They won’t do that, right? We just got to love what we do, as much as we do what we love.

Who should contact Studio A by Amar Ramesh?
People who love their big days to be captured by a team that feels like family, social organisations/brands who are looking for their stories to be told in an organic/documentary way, people who wish to get their portraits done, and anyone who has an idea that they’d like to discuss. We love people and are always up for a conversation.

What are the future plans for Studio A by Amar Ramesh?
We live in the moment mostly. That’s the best way to plan the future. We started with weddings but now are into heritage documentation (Stones & Stories), Social Documentary Films (Big Short Films), Education (Evolve), Travel documentation (Discover Tamil Nadu), Photography backdrops (MIZU), and more in line. None of this was planned but genuinely derived through the love we have for solving problems and helping others. And yes, we look forward to strengthening ourselves in the areas mentioned above.

-By Vinitha Venkatesha