Pradaini Surva (@pradainisurva), a wellness influencer and rising star in the entertainment industry, strikes the perfect balance between career success and a commitment to health, fitness, and well-being.

Balancing career with dedication to wellness, health, and fitness
When health comes right on top, well-being becomes an utmost priority. When I am in my optimal state, I am able to present myself as the best version of myself in both my career and personal commitments.

Favourite fitness routines or workouts that help you stay in shape:
In order to cultivate a sense of grounding and connection on a daily basis, I incorporate various practices into my routine. This includes dedicating time to engage in yoga asanas and breathing exercises. Additionally, I prioritise my fitness by incorporating light weights and mobility exercises.

I enjoy sharing my everyday practices and lifestyle, and I find joy in showcasing the habits, routines, and choices that contribute to my overall well-being. Social media, being a great platform for expression, has allowed me to expand my presence and put myself out there in the wellness niche

Incorporating healthy eating habits during a busy schedule:
Health is a priority. So I make sure to have a plan in place and all the groceries intact to be able to create a colorful meal every day. I avoid last-minute preparations to ensure consistency.

Tips for maintaining mental and emotional well-being while pursuing a demanding career in the entertainment industry:
Stay grounded
Stay connected with your inner self
Be mindful of choices
Be kind towards yourself and others
There is no comparison no competition.

Some challenges I faced included a lack of clear planning, feeling overwhelmed with too many tasks, and rushing to meet deadlines. To overcome them, I took control and committed only to what I could handle without rushing. This allowed me to truly enjoy all that I do and maintain a sense of being present and unrushed.

By Geethanjali