An aura of calmness enveloped me as I set foot at SDM Group’s newest Wellness and Naturopathy Retreat Center, Kshemavana. Kshemavana is SDM Group’s third offering after Shantivana and Soukyavana run by Dr D Veerendra Heggade, President of SDMES. True to its name “Kshemavana”, a word that brings together Kshema and Vana; Kshema means “well-being” and “vana” means forest, is spread across 20 acres of land, in Nelamangala on the outskirts of Bangalore. Allow yourself to reset, reboost, recharge, refresh, relax, rejuvenate, revive, regenerate, restore, renew, recreate and renovate your life with mindful practices.
The therapies and treatments offered here are personalised to help balance one’s inner energy and healing the mind, body and soul. As you enter you’re taken for a thorough consultation for appropriate treatments, and a mind-shift in living—LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability).

The expansive property is designed by the prominent architect, Mahesh Diophode and conceptualised by renowned designer, Ayush Kasliwal. The architectural designs reflect ancient Vaastu principles, with colours, designs, and structures inspired by the turtle or kurma, Nandi or the bull and Garuda – the eagle, bringing together the elements of the sea, earth and the sky.

The epicenter of the space is the most distinctive building, “Kurma,” with the tortoise design based on mythology that serves as a hall for yoga, meditation, kriyas and health talks. There’s also a temperature-controlled pool for swimming here. Facing the Kurma is the “Nandi” block that has three dining areas – raw diet, boiled diet and juices that offer different kinds of customised diet and over 25 therapy units.

There are 86 special rooms, 30 deluxe suites, 16 cottages, and 16 nests. The entire property brings together factors of the Biophilic design philosophy: contemporary aesthetics, bespoke and natural elements, nature, silence, and of course, simplicity, yet with luxurious amenities. The deluxe suites have therapy and treatment beds inside the suite itself so you can take your treatments in complete privacy.
A typical day here starts at 6.30 am with a yoga class followed by pranayama and kriyas depending on whatever your doctor has advised on your health chart. You can pick up a smoothie for breakfast or have it delivered to your room. There is a choice of Smoothie for breakfast that you can pick from based on whatever the nutritionist has advised for your health condition. After a walk around or some relaxation you can take any of the massages or treatments, again as advised during your consultation.

The lunch can be either from the raw diet section or the boiled diet section, depending on whatever has been suggested for you. Kshemavana houses India’s first no-grain restaurant, where no rice, wheat, millets, pulses or any kind of grains are served. Yet the meals here are wholesome and delicious made from fresh seasonal produce of vegetables and fruits. Even non vegetarians like me did not miss eating meat during the entire duration of my stay here. Strangely, despite the right amount of portions that were served for a balanced diet, I did not feel any hunger pangs or cravings of any sort during my stay here. That made me realise that most of the times we fall into unnecessary temptations and food cravings that are totally avoidable. Freshly squeezed healthy juices are served in between the meals.

Kshemavana helps in balancing one’s inner energy and helps in healing through its belief of five-pillars of wellbeing.
Mind-Body Medicine: It focuses on the interaction among the brain, mind, body and behavior, and the powerful ways in which these elements can directly impact the health of a person.

Sleep Medicine: Our bodies need a break! Sleep is needed for various activities in the body to function smoothly; there’s an extensive amount of data that demonstrates the importance of sleep in the processes of synaptic plasticity, emotional regulation, metabolic functions, memory functions, macromolecule synthesis, removal of toxic substances and metabolic waste and cellular maintenance. In very simple words, sleep leads to relaxation and relaxation leads to recovery.

Nutritional Medicine: Nutritional medicine is a holistic approach to the interactions of both nutrition and environment on human health. Nutrients are the building blocks of our physical body. When the body is supplied with the correct balance of foods, vitamins and minerals we remain healthy.

Energy Medicine: Working on the concept of Prana or the vital force that governs the health of a person, Prana is a complex combination of electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic, photonic, ocular and mental energies which is unique to every human being. A part of the skill of the practice of yoga is to tune in to that flow of energy and to learn how to adjust oneself so that one is moving with that flow in a harmonious and balanced way.

Gut Health: “If there’s one thing to know about the human body; it’s this: the human body has a ringmaster. This ringmaster controls your digestion, your immunity, your brain, your weight, your health and even your happiness. This ringmaster is the gut.” The immune system lies in the gut, so a healthy gut leads to a healthy life.

Kshemavana – a word that translates into a forest of wellness, and highlights the link between Purusha/man and Prakruthi/nature, and the idea of the forest as a sanctuary. The luxurious wellness retreat is built consciously to offer Naturopathy that focuses on a holistic approach to health with mindful Yoga and minimal support from medicine. The healing sessions are customised to ensure that they give maximum results during the course of the stay. The therapies include those from the centuries old ancient Indian healing sciences of Naturopathy and Yoga.

Kshemavana is led by Shraddha Amit, Director, Kshemavana; Shreyas Kumar, Project Director at SDM Group of Institutions and Dr. Narendra Shetty, Chief Wellness Officer, Kshemavana.

Where: Kshemavana SDM Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences Nelamangala, Kunigal Bypass Rd, near Sambrama Hotel, Mahadevapura, Karnataka 562127. Call: 076250 43800.