COVIE Elevates Co-living Experience with Upscale Spaces for Young Professionals in Bengaluru

COVIE, India’s leading provider of co-living spaces, has further solidified its presence in South India with the introduction of a new elegant space called ‘Covie Karle Town.’ This luxury co-living property in Bengaluru has 220 beds, catering to young professionals. With this Covie has added 500 beds in Bangalore in the last three months.

Responding to the demand for affordable yet luxurious housing options among young professionals, COVIE has been the pioneer in the luxury co-living sector in India. Its unique approach offers a transformative living experience that sets it apart from traditional housing. Distinguished by cutting-edge amenities, a community-driven ethos, and a focus on comfort, COVIE redefines the co-living landscape.

Swapnali Bhosale Kadam, Founder of COVIE, expressed enthusiasm for expanding their capacity in South India, with a focus on young professionals. “We offer premium co-living spaces, redefining shared living and empowering individuals to thrive. Our goal is to create a nationwide network of COVIE communities, fostering belonging and collaboration among millennials & Gen Z across India. With our innovative approach and commitment to exceptional living experiences, we aim to set a new benchmark in the co-living industry, becoming the go-to choice for young professionals & students seeking comfort, convenience, and a supportive community. Our expansion in Bengaluru is a step in that direction”.

COVIE’s expansion in Bengaluru marks the start of an exciting journey, with plans to expand to other cities in India where we already have a presence. Harnessing technology and deliberate design, COVIE revolutionizes the co-living landscape, delivering a superior living experience for young professionals & students seeking comfort, convenience, and a strong sense of community. The company aims to add another 500 beds in South India and 1000 beds across India in the coming months.

Abhishek Kumar, co-founder of COVIE, outlined the vision behind creating an inclusive and vibrant community for young professionals and students in Bengaluru. “We believe in providing a holistic living experience that offers comfort, convenience, and fosters growth. As we expand, our vision is to create a dynamic ecosystem where young professionals & students thrive, collaborate, and build network… By embracing innovation and leveraging technologies, we aim to set new benchmarks in the co-living industry, making shared living spaces the preferred choice for young millennials & Gen Z, seeking a balanced lifestyle and a vibrant community.” Meticulously designed, COVIE’s new luxury co-living space showcases innovative amenities with exceptional attention to detail, epitomizing the brand’s commitment to excellence. From furnished rooms with AC, minibar, TV, study table & personal space, and large common areas spread across 15000 sq. ft. providing the best level of amenities comprising of Professional Gym, Yoga, Collaborative & breakout spaces, community kitchen to recreational spaces. From High-speed Internet to 3-tier security and sumptuous home-like food, every aspect caters to the needs of young professionals and students.