May I draw your attention to the “title”, maybe even pause for a bit, to reflect on the significance of it in your daily life. This probably could take you down any place from childhood to the now, to each one of us truly unique. My personal take surely narrows down to highlighting the “consequences” that followed; how about you?

If one remembers their childhood, it’s probably feeding, play time, tantrum etc., to the days at school and college, being more about being on time, study, sports, discipline etc., and finally to our adult lives with demands to fit in with corporate and business cultures and practices. All along, if you notice, it’s always about “staying in line” to meet expectations set up by the one in authority; guidelines in time which when followed groom us to fit in with least resistance. In time we become popular, we become trustworthy, we become acceptable, we were welcomed and loved “simply because we fit in”.

My contention then would be “is that all that we could be”? I guess not, and in line with that thought I present to you a perspective that you might want to consider, and inculcate to best fit your needs in your own way. Having done what it takes when asked to all along, to avoid consequences of disobedience or inaction, why then do we take light the commitment we make to ourselves? One could conclude that this brazen attitude and defiance is coming from a place of fearlessness, of being the task master and the enforcer of yourself, having no consequences to bear. Holding oneself accountable to self, as when anyone in authority makes you a power to reckon with.

Start this journey by taking note of small imperfections and making amends in continuum, as nothing is a quick-fix option; for example, if you wish to wake up at 5 AM you will need to figure out a way to go to bed early and not be distracted by indulgence, both electronically or socially; getting it right once is just a start. Be repeatedly persistent starting with a week, a month, a year until it becomes you. I hope you do not, but in my journey, I have always found appealing distractions, sometimes deferring my commitment multiple times for a day, sometimes even a week; so be persistent and do not let go of sight to draw yourself back in, every time you falter. “Challenge the status quo of your own life through personal obedience, and watch the transformation unfold.”

In contrast to the above, an alternative perspective on which I wish to shed light is the grooming that has happened in time whilst falling in line, like the blinkers on a horse prevents the horse from spooking, and staying focused on the destination of the master and not the horse’s own. Let’s undo the limitations to explore our true self, so whilst upskilling obedience to self, explore building character through disobedience, so “Disobey the limitations you’ve placed on your own potential; your personal growth depends on it.” – Unknown

“Your task is merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Look at not where you are but instead where you could be.

Ajith Anirudhan
Personal Empowerment Coach (ICF – USA)
TEDx Speaker | Public Speaker | Author