At restaurants, quite often, I have been guilty of eves dropping on the conversation happening in tables beside me…and almost always there have been conversations about people complaining about their ‘illness. It is always about how bad their thyroid levels are or how high their blood sugar levels are or how bad their knee and joints have begun aching. It is also why they are onto this new diet recommended by one of the renowned nutritionists in the city…or this new yoga class they have joint. Sometimes the conversations are almost as if each one of them is trying to beat the other person at how much more ‘unwell’ each one is…as if it were a competition. “Hey…you were only feeling tired…that is nothing…the other day, I almost fainted…” “I had to be rushed to the ER” another participant would push the illness bar up. Until somebody would hit the highest score…”I had to get a kidney transplant!” (that’s right…now beat that!).

While heart conditions, diabetes, arthritis, join pains, hormonal issues, gastritis, heartburn, acidity and even weight gain challenges are openly discussed, it is very very rare that the condition of one’s colon health (especially constipation or irritable bowl – the urge to want to rush to the rest room as soon as you have gulped food down) is shared in mixed company. (and if I happen to every hear such a discussion, I usually dare myself to walk up to the table and share my visiting card.)

So here’s a terrific option to read up on what you would normally not want to share…perhaps even with your inner circle. Maybe in the lines below you might find some wisdom to address your

Gut Feeling!
We stuff food down our throat (quite literally – we barely chew) and then expect our system to break it down, filter out the essential nutrients, nourish us and then next morning eliminate what we don’t need.

Quite often, all the health issues, you are willing to share, are problems you can control by simply getting rid of what you should be eliminating instead of collecting them. Your diet must include fiber – roughage. When fiber passes through your gut, it becomes, figuratively speaking, magnetized – tadaaa…your intestinal broom. When demagnetized food passes through your system, they leave a plaster like coating in the inner walls of the colon. This coating over a period of time becomes dry and dehydrated, like cement. Gradually this coating increases in thickness until there is barely a tiny hole through which unwanted stuff is eliminated. Your intestines can no longer absorb – the fanciest of diet and the best supplements in the world is quite literally – ‘expensive shit!’ leading to two toughest health challenges: 1. Constipation OR 2. Diarrhea.

Skin: The first warning sign: The large intestine filters out nutritional material from the food and pumps it in to your blood stream. Obviously with a clogged-up colon, all the putrefied feces also begins to take a free ride down your blood stream…this polluted blood is the origin of how disease begins – Toxemia, a condition in which blood contains toxic material produced by disease producing bacteria. Pimples for example is the first sign of toxemia.

Once the thick coating made permanent room in your colon, enemas or laxatives are fighting a fragile battle to restore healthy gut evacuation. Just like, when you rip off a plaster, you might damage the surface, trying to rip off the dry dehydrated coat of fecal matter stuck to the inner lining of your colon could damage the colon lining.

The most elegant method would be to gradually soak the entire colon with water and gently flush it out. This process is called ‘Colon Hydro Therapy’
Both lay-men and professional alike, find it hilarious that colonic irrigation could help with diarrhea. We have had several patients who have had loosies almost every day and have tried it all…medicated themselves to a point, the dosage could knock off a rhino. But nothing worked…except that they were getting weaker by the day. A series of colonics has quite often served as a good and a permanent solution.

Eyes: Vision is something we all take for granted, until its lost. For me its scarry when I see elder in the family squinting their eyes, struggling to read or having a hard time differentiating pink from red or green from blue. The eye needs nourishment and consistent detox to eliminate.

Scientist have recently discovered that eyes eliminate metabolic, cellular and other debris through the glymphatic system. Poor vision and even glaucoma could be result of clogging of this pathway. I have had several clients who have described a feeling of walking out of a fog (wrt their vision ofcourse) post colonic irrigation. This however doesn’t replace your ophthalmologist. You sure will require their support to restore a perfect 20-20 vision. Colonic Irrigation will assist you to get there.

Gut-Brain Connection: Well…it’s no wonder we call it the Gut Feeling. Not a day goes by when I have clients telling me how enthusiastic they feel and how refreshed they feel post their series of colonics. We have had those battling with depression, experiencing the renewed zest for life post detox.

ENT Pathway: Nasal inflammation causing asthma, wheezing or even repeated bouts of cold…the discomfort isn’t due to the germ causing virus…or bacteria or pollen or allergens…the discomfort is due to pathogenic mucus. Eliminate the mucus and a host of allergies just vanish…and it just can’t get easier than colonic irrigation to rid yourself off this pathogenic mucus.

The joint pains that you experience could also be a result of toxic overload in your system.

Thyroid: I find it hilarious when I have patients, during consultations, tell me, I have thyroid. I bite my tongue and stop myself from smiling and saying…don’t worry…that normal…I too have one. Thyroid isn’t a disease…it is an organ. Iodine is by far the most essential trace element required by the thyroid gland to optimally function. Did you know, the ability of the thyroid to utilize iodine is related to the sanitation of your colon? Next time you hear at a social gathering: I have a thyroid issues”…make sure to share this little insight…

Heart and the Circulatory System: This miraculous organ in a span of 50 years would’ve pumped about 170 million liters of blood through your body. No device can function nonstop and deliver this ability. But…we are here to discuss how amazing the colon is…so let’s focus…Your heart requires sodium, potassium and calcium to function efficiently. This is derived from the food we eat. More readily absorbed from raw food rather than cooked. However, with a clogged sluggish colon and toxic blood any kind of absorption becomes a task. To make it worse, concentrated starchy food introduces abnormal amounts of carbon into your colon which affects the heart as carbonic acid gas. Cleaning up the blood, the colon and the liver (which filters a lot of greasy toxins and your Saturday night’s sins) will surely ensure you feel 18 at heart forever.

Gall Bladder: I get a lot of calls asking me if Colonics can help clear Gall Bladder stones….Bear in mind, gall bladder is an extremely important organ. To remove it only results in many challenges during digestion and in eliminating waste. Both Kidney stones and Gall Bladder stones can be very elegantly evacuated from the system post which a series of colonics is absolutely essential to eliminate calcified bile and other stones that have found new home in the colon.

Pancreas: The organ quite often blamed for Diabetes. I have seen several clients at my detox center, (diabetics), exclaim at normalized levels of blood sugar post a 9 day detox. Metabolic syndrome, which quite often contributes to type-2 diabetes, stems from unhealthy Colon.

Although the colon is located maybe 2-3 feet away from many vital organs, the connection to each is absolutely irrefutable, however obscure it may be. Hence, when in doubt, look to your colon health and when nothing else works, clean up the colon.

At my Integrative Medical Center, where we treat patients battling Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Heart Conditions and a whole bunch of the so called ‘incurable diseases’, the protocol has always been to detox first. Clean up the colon and the liver, filter the blood and then begin the nutritional supplementation…it is only then do we begin treatment. With a clogged-up colon, the body is incapable of even absorbing medication.

I get calls very often from ‘google pundits’ who want to undergo ‘Colonic Irrigation’ to sort their constipation. However they are hard pressed for time and would like to consider just one session. Some would like to try out one session and see if it gives them ‘the feel good’ factor promised by google post a colonic. Do not expect a one or two sessions of colonics to sort out a 20–40-year-old neglected colon…Colon health is a lifelong maintenance process quite like your automobile. You would require at the very least 3 – 6 colonics of 45mins each, once a year.

Colonic Irrigations are certainly less expensive than hospitalization and the lifelong battles of having to harvest your organs because it was just to late to save them.

Just use your God-given Intelligence and keep your internal organs clean and intact. My own life may not be affected by what you do or what you don’t. But the life it may save could be yours!