Emerging to rule the industry no matter what

Meet Adithya R K, a budding yet sensational voice who made his groundbreaking debut with ‘Bae.’ Since then, the musician has been busy with several indie, original, and film numbers. His journey has been heart-touching from the opportunity to sing in front of legends like A.R. Rahman to being trained by the most talented composers this age. Trying to set a stage for himself, he states “Adithya as of now, if you ask me, not just now, always is a child. He likes to play with his life in his own way, making sure everyone is happy without taking hardships to heart. He leads a simple life.”

How big of a rollercoaster has your journey been till date?
The journey has been a constant exploration, introducing someone with no idea what to do into the world of music. It all started during college, my friends invited me to be part of their band, and that’s how I started singing. Then Super singer happened. I went from playing guitar and singing on the beach to singing in movies, independent music, and working on my original songs. Till date, I’m unsure if music is my Cup of tea, but I love and enjoy doing it

When we speak about journeys, how has “Bae” played its part ?
“Bae” was a turning point in my career. Anirudh bro gave me the song, and it became a huge hit, bringing me much appreciation and opportunities. Meeting him on Super Singer as a chief guest was an ecstatic moment. He supported me when I faced elimination, invited me to his studio, and encouraged me to sing the song. Since then, he has been taking me along for various journeys, and I am always grateful for his guidance. He was genuinely happy when I told him I was working on an original song, and he wanted to listen to it at the studio. He never hesitates to provide constructive criticism and has appreciated my work, which means a lot to me.

Among the numerous concerts you’ve performed on, which one stands out as your favourite one and why?
So far, the response for ‘Bae’ or whenever I get on stage has been wonderful. It’s always a pleasure to see the crowd chanting my name. Anirudh bro has given me such a strong foundation and individuality. Despite all that, my most favorite concert was in Malaysia. It was our first show, and it was the first time I performed on such a big stage. The entire crowd was chanting songs I sang, and it was an overwhelming experience. For about 4-5 minutes, I had goosebumps, and backstage, I even teared up a little. Anirudh bro was there and reassured that things happen in life and to be prepared for it.

Apart from this, how did your parents transform you into who you are today?
My parents are in the music field, but I initially wasn’t interested in it. They did suggest I go to music classes, but it didn’t work out for me. I had different ideas and wanted to open a cafe and have fun. As far as my mother being an actor, I have admired her work. She is very dedicated. If she is given a script, she studies it and is always prepared for it. That has always inspired me. But to me, she is my mother.
It’s a common belief that when you come from a family of artists, you might face nepotism in the industry. While I did face some of it, I’ve always chosen to focus on my talent and hard work, rather than my family’s background.

You became a singer unexpectedly. Do you ever feel voice training could have enhanced your career?
I think I’m happy with what I am today. For those who undergo training, they usually have a single trainer. On the other hand, those who don’t take formal training and learn by listening to various people, we have a different number of trainers. It’s not that I haven’t received any training at all. I just didn’t specifically learn from a single person. Instead, I absorbed what was necessary for me and trained myself.

Could you share some memorable experiences with your fellow singer friends?
If you take my Super Singer journey, every person there is like a brother, friend, or sister to me. I have learned a lot from them, especially on the music side, even during the competition. When the competition is intense, I learn even more. For example, Iyanar bro, Aravind bro, Balaji bro, Anu, Manasi, Kumuthini, and Kanimozhi are all my good friends, and they are amazing singers. Reshma and Vrusha are also among them. Just yesterday, Vrusha and I went out and hung out together. They are a part of my life right now, and they are like family to me. It’s not just that they were competing with me, they mean much more than that.

Can you tell us about your upcoming albums and projects?
There has been a lot cooking up recently. I have been singing for other Indie composers abroad and here. And also, been doing my own originals. I have been giving them for a lot of labels and also for my own use, my YouTube channel. It was derived when I started my music thing. I am preparing for that too. So, a lot of songs being prepared. But once it is released, it will be released regularly. Be it audio or video. It will be consistent.

What qualities and efforts led to your success as an independent artist?
I didn’t put in excessive effort; I simply went with the flow. Throughout my life, I’ve never desired to be anyone else. If I want to be a leader, I believe in evolving in my unique way, following my own path. My music will reflect my individuality, from the way I write to the way I sing.

What is the most significant life lesson you’ve learned on your musical journey?
The most crucial thing is consistency. “The more you talk about it, the less you get it done.” For example, if you keep saying you’re going to release a song but keep delaying it, it won’t work out. The best way to connect with people is to actually release it. You need to approach it without fear, and have the mindset that you can handle whatever the outcome may be. The key is that people nowadays focus on viewership, but it should be about your content. If it’s good content, it will eventually find an audience. So, trust in your work and stick with it. This is the valuable life lesson I’ve learned, and it’s something I truly believe in.

Where do you see yourself in your career ten years from now?
I see myself as a rockstar. I want to be one of the leading figures in the music industry or any industry I pursue, whether it’s acting, singing, or composing. I aspire to excel in whatever I do and become the king of it. Moreover, I have a strong desire to travel a lot and explore various opportunities in my career. However, I understand that success takes time and happens when the right opportunities come along. In 10 years, I can promise you that I’ll be there, making a statement.