The SUV has seen a massive revolution in 2022 with numerous examples of this versatile genre of cars. The SUV can go anywhere and that is a huge advantage for our road conditions while also enveloping the driver with the same experience as a low-slung supercar with numerous technology advancements. Yet, along with that the SUV also gave luxury sedans a complex with the ability to mix off-road ability and old-school decadence. Hence, this duo of British SUVs can claim to be the best SUVs of 2022 with their performance and luxury factor.

Land Rover Range Rover

The Range Rover brand has been etched in our minds as the go-anywhere luxury car that is dipped in elegance along with charm. This is a brand which universally loved for its capabilities but for the 2022 new generation model, it has embraced its luxury pretensions even more. The simple yet purposeful styling is a superb nod to its roots but does have a healthy dose of modernity. We love the hidden-until-lit tail-lamps which are a many LEDs being put against the canvas of a gloss black panel. The Range Rover in its long wheelbase form is huge and intimidating but has a timeless charm while trying not too hard to impress. If the exterior is impressive, then the interior takes it to a new level with a clutter free cabin albeit with tons of technology being carefully added in. There is a large touchscreen which controls many of the functions but it is also easily laid out.

The best seat though is the rear one since it houses all the controls which are at the fingertips while everything gets operated via a touchscreen- even with the cupholders or the massive sunroof. It is mostly a lounge with enough space rivalling a private jet. To drive, you similarly glide your way through the traffic but while the size is intimidating, the light steering makes progress effortless. Lots of technology has been added in the new Range Rover including noise-cancelling technology which removes any evidence of the outside world. However, what is even more surprising is the off-road ability which makes this a luxury car fit to be taken up the hills. Like the earlier models, the new Range Rover has a sophisticated off-road system while it can get through serious levels of water as well. The new Range Rover then, is a luxury car and embraces that aspect whole-heartedly with the same DNA which was seen in its predecessor too. Yet, with the new technologies, clutter-free design, it shows how the modern-day luxury car need not be complicated while still pampering its passengers.

Aston Martin DBX 707

This is an SUV that shames many supercars with a horsepower count which makes you think twice before putting your foot down. The DBX in its standard guise is a fast SUV that is also given the luxury treatment with the typical Aston Martin bespoke charm while the 707 just turns the volume high up. The talking point is the engine and the enhancements in the performance department. The 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine makes an astonishing 707hp which makes it the most powerful SUV in the world right now. There is also a new automatic gearbox and a retuned driving experience with a harder, supercar-like vibe. The launch control system further adds a sense of drama and the way it rockets forward is scarcely believable. Aston Martin has also changed the exhaust note and it sound incredible with a rich layered sound track which only a V8 can give. It also looks menacing with a larger grille, bigger intakes, and huge wheels with performance-oriented tyres. As a result, this SUV flies off with the same shock as a supercar.

Performance is thrilling to say the least and the way the DBX 707 drives is unreal considering it is a vast luxury SUV. It somehow bends the laws of physics with largely lag free engine responses and a tight handling performance. The huge carbon-ceramic brakes further give you the encouragement to push harder and fast with a wide grin on your face the entire time. Yet, you can basically drive this every day since this is an SUV and not some low-slung supercar with ample ground clearance. The ride quality despite those huge performance-oriented tyres is also quite compatible with our diverse road conditions. Along with the performance and that distinctive V8 sound, it is also a luxury car with extensive personalization options like any Aston Martin. The DBX 707 is a fair bit more expensive over the standard DBX but the performance gains are worth it while also giving you the tag of driving the fastest SUV in the world right now!