Vedam, a captivating dining destination inspired by the rich historical and traditional heritage of South Indian cuisine, officially opened its doors to the public in the bustling city of Bengaluru.

Nestled within the Goldsand Building on Sarjapur Main Road, near Wipro Gate, Kaikondrahalli, Vedam is a QSR culinary gem that promises an exquisite journey through the heart of South Indian gastronomy. With a commitment to authenticity, purity, and innovation, Vedam’s skilled chefs have curated a menu that showcases the vibrant flavors of South India, preserving age-old traditions while embracing contemporary culinary techniques.

Vedam is more than just a restaurant; it’s a cultural celebration of South Indian cuisine. The founders, Rohin Razdan, Praveen Singh, and Methil Razdan,bring a wealth of experience in the culinary industry, with a deep-rooted connection to South Indian flavors. Their dedication to culinary excellence has resulted in a dining experience where every bite tells a story.

Discussing the grand launch, Rohin Razdan, Founder of Vedam,spoke on behalf of his co-founders, stating, “Our restaurant is a testament to our deep-rooted passion for South Indian cuisine, and we are elated to embark on this culinary journey with the Bengaluru community. Our primary goal is to provide an experience that authentically respects the traditions of South India while embracing the evolving tastes of today’s diners. Currently, we are dedicated to introducing Bengaluru residents to the rich diversity of our cuisine, adding a contemporary twist to beloved traditional flavors at Vedam.

Featuring seating for 42 and additional standing space for 60 plus, Vedam seamlessly combines tradition and innovation to provide a captivating and genuine South Indian dining encounter. From its ambiance to its decor, Vedam pays homage to the rich heritage of South India, adorned with intricate designs, calming colour schemes, and cultural motifs that transport patrons to the very heart of South India.

The restaurant has bold expansion aspirations, with the founders aiming to introduce additional branches within the coming 12-18 months, not only in Bengaluru but also in other locations.

The restaurant presents a delightful blend of traditional flavors that cater to the diverse palates of both South and North Indian customers. Prioritizing health, the restaurant employs high-quality ingredients and cooking methods that elevate nutritional value without sacrificing taste. Vedam also fully embraces food technology for ingredient preservation, secure packaging, and an efficient online ordering system, all of which uphold the highest standards of quality and service.

The restaurant’s cost for two is a wallet-friendly Rs 250, making it accessible to a wide range of food enthusiasts.

Vedam is a culinary haven dedicated to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of South Indian cuisine. With a commitment to authenticity, purity, and innovation, Vedam offers an exquisite culinary journey inspired by the traditions of South India. Founded by seasoned professionals in the culinary industry, Vedam promises a captivating experience where every bite tells a story.