Amrutha Pragasam

#SpeakYourMind with Krish Balaji Murugadoss
How would you define yourself? I would define myself as a self-propelled person, who is always trying to give my best in everything I do! Someone who believes in hard work and smart work, not luck! First thing you do when you wake up? I...
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How would you define yourself? I’m a fiercely ambitious guy who’s trying to be the best version of myself; a cinema fanatic; love travelling, riding and driving; a guy driven by integrity and a sane presence of mind; I’m always positive; I am a nature...
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What got you into designing? I am a business graduate. My family and friends including myself never thought I’d get into designing, but I always was inclined towards the arts since I was a kid. My mother accidently introduced me to interior designing and I...
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How would you define yourself? I would define myself as a passionate, loyal, emotional, focused, sensitive, straight-forward and adventurous girl who is a dreamer with a do or die attitude. If someone tells me I can’t do something, I’m definitely going to do it. The...
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